ISCP Webinar Training for Trainees 26th March

ISCP Webinar Training for Trainees 26th March

About this Event

PLEASE NOTE: This event is open to Trainees

Date And Time
Fri, 26 March 2021 09:00 – 12:00 GMT

The new curriculum will be introduced from August 2021. It will place the professional judgements made about trainees by clinical supervisors at the heart of assessment. The new curriculum will, therefore, have a significant impact on how trainees are assessed while representing a critical shift in how supervisors use their professional judgement in trainee assessment.

Because the curriculum will become ‘outcomes-based’, trainees will be able to finish training when they are judged to have reached the level expected of a day-1 consultant in their specialty. Three new components will be introduced to support this change – the Capabilities in Practice (CiPs) and Generic Professional Capabilities (GPCs) representing the capabilities of a day-1 consultant, while the third, the Multiple Consultant Report (MCR) measuring the progression of trainees towards that standard.

The starting point for the webinar will be the information you may have already seen on the ISCP website here. If not, we recommend that you read the information there, watch the videos and try out the MCR trial before the webinar.

We hope that this training will support you when transitioning to the new curriculum. The ISCP webinar will cover:

• The new concepts, terminology and features of the changes

• Changes to the assessment system

• MCR Self-Assessment

• Navigation and good practice use of the new tools

• Opportunities for discussing local issues and challenges

After the webinar, you will be given training tools including guidance notes, videos and FAQs.

After you have registered, you will receive an email from us prior to the event with joining information. For any queries, please email our curriculum officer, Rachel Dowle

This online event shall take place over Microsoft teams and will be recorded for developmental purposes but will not be made available online.