SWHST Peer-to-Peer Buddy Scheme

SWHST Peer-to-Peer Buddy Scheme

What is the purpose of the scheme?

During the last few months of COVID-19 the changes to our normal practice and interaction with each other as trainees has been affected.  Many of us rely on local and regional training days as a way of catching up with each other, networking and having the opportunity to find out what is going on across the region as well as ad-hoc advice on training.

The Peer-to-Peer Buddy Scheme aims to give us an opportunity to regain the valuable time we will miss out on while regional training is on hold but also provide support to those who are more junior or simply seeking a way of improving specific areas of our work and training. 

It has been designed to be a flexible process that is trainee led to be as formal or informal as your needs require.  As a “Mentee Buddy” you can seek advice and support for any of the following: career progression, exams, ISCP/ARCP, academic/research, clinical skills, clinical confidence, personal life, working relationships, placements etc.

The Regional Training Committee is hoping to pilot the process this year and if successful enrol all new ST3 trainees into the programme to be supported by a more senior trainee within their hospital.  If successful, training in the mentor process will be introduced.

At the moment, mentor training is not essential as the programme is not designed to be a mentorship programme but one where we can swap experience and advice and network across the region. 

How will it work?

  • Applications for positions as a mentor and mentee buddy will be open at any time through-out the training year.  Each trainee wishing to be enrolled will be asked to complete an application form to help match trainees.
  • Mentees will then be given a choice of mentors based on their preferences listed in their application form. 
  • Once a Buddy Pair relationship has been agreed, together the pair can decide on areas to be covered, duration of sessions, number of sessions and duration of relationship
  • Each Buddy Pair has the right to terminate the relationship at any time and due to any reason
  • A Mentor Buddy can be allocated up to 2 or 3 mentees if they wish
  • You will be requested to supply anonymised feedback on the process to improve things for future trainees.
  • If you have any questions or concerns you wish to raise at any time please contact Hannah Wright (

If you wish to seek formal mentoring from non-peers, then the Deanery Professional Support and Wellbeing Unit is an excellent resource Contact: (

ASiT also runs a Mentorship Scheme nationally. 

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